Inova helps utilities design and implement cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy programs that meet aggressive goals while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. We work closely with our clients to develop program models that are customized for specific regions, service territories, and customer classes while carefully considering the customer perspective.

We have designed and implemented programs for the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors. In addition, we have developed models to engage traditionally defined hard-to-reach customers such as small businesses, multifamily buildings, minority populations, and nonprofits.  

Our approach to program implementation, which we call Performance Management, involves thoughtful strategic planning combined with deep analysis rooted in big data. We believe that through participation forecasting, data analytics, and business process optimization many established programs could realize greater levels of cost-effective energy savings.

Some of the services we provide:


Program Administration and Implementation

Our team combines diversified experience from business and project management, marketing and communications, energy engineering, customer service, and information technology to deliver successful programs that are cost-effective and increase customer satisfaction.

Program Design

Effective energy program design requires a structured and collaborative process that leverages industry experience, customer information, and market knowledge to overcome transactional barriers. 



Program Optimization

Through program portfolio balancing many established programs can realize greater levels of energy savings. Our approach, developed in close consultation with our clients, allows portfolios to meet designed potential.


Policy Consulting

We provide our clients with full regulatory support via in-depth market analyses, reporting, tariff analysis, in-person engagements, and expert testimony. Our team can incorporate each client’s regulatory requirements into prescriptive compliance protocols ensuring all guidelines and legislative requirements are met with full transparency.


Project Management

Our staff includes highly experienced program and project managers with the leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage, and support high-visibility initiatives.



We conduct seminars and workshops for executives and staff to explain energy policy, energy efficiency, and demand-side management in a straightforward manner. Our training sessions can be adapted to your organization needs and range from specific topics to broader issues.