At Inova Energy Group we believe that to be successful sustainability and corporate responsibility must be at the core of an organization’s strategy and operations. Embedding sustainability at the corporate strategy level allows our clients to maximize the creation of economic, social, and environmental value while developing a long-term competitive advantage.

Our sustainability consultants are prepared to help you uncover the costs and opportunities associated with the development and implementation of sustainability initiatives and then carry them through to completion.

  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy
  • Resource Optimization
  • Certifications
  • Green Buildings
  • Product Lifecycle Assessments
  • Training and Executive Education

Sustainability is a critical business issue and has the potential to be a differentiator in an organization’s ability to manage risk, create and protect enterprise value, and drive growth and innovation. Inova helps companies plan and assess their sustainability strategy and related programs, from initial diagnostics to practical implementation. 

By working closely with senior management, engaging employees at all levels of an organization, and collaborating with key stakeholders, our sustainability consultants provide tools and facilitate a dialogue resulting in the development of a sustainability strategy aligned with business priorities. Our approach:

  • Considers ongoing efforts
  • Identifies key sustainability issues that relate to an organization’s brand and customers or clients
  • Incorporates goals, metrics, and key performance indicators to monitor and track performance
  • Reviews opportunities for the organization with a perspective on realizing economic, social, and environmental value

Sustainability Assessments

Sometimes it’s just good to take stock of where you are now and to get an idea of where you could be in the future. Our group of experts has developed a methodology for conducting a quick sustainability assessment of an organization that can be performed in a period of 4-12 weeks. Through active discussion with employees, observations of building operations, reviews of policies and best practices, and peer benchmarking the assessment can shed light into your options and serve as a starting point for development of a comprehensive assessment. 

The Sustainability Assessment will consider:

  • Electricity, water, gas, and fuel consumption
  • Procurement policies and purchasing habits
  • Waste stream composition and quantities
  • Transportation activities
  • Existing corporate social responsibility or sustainability programs
  • Communications with employees and the public
  • Engagement of key stakeholders

At the end of the assessment we will produce a final report that summarizes findings, provides additional resources, and makes recommendations to get you started on your sustainability path.

Sustainability Plans

After performing a Sustainability Assessment, our consultants can develop a systematic and comprehensive Sustainability Plan that crystallizes your sustainability goals and clearly defines strategies for reaching those objectives. Our approach to developing your Sustainability Plan:

  • Engages key stakeholders
  • Employs interdisciplinary techniques and an interdisciplinary team
  • Considers your brand attributes and company values
  • Considers your specific industry
  • Ensures development of agreed-upon goals and objectives
  • Incorporates key performance indicators and management metrics

The scope of the Sustainability Plan can be tailored to your needs and any areas of priority.

Stakeholder Engagement

At Inova we help our clients identify, prioritize, and strategically engage internal and external stakeholders. We believe that organizations that adopt a strategic approach in stakeholder relationships gains legitimacy, credibility, and trust. Effective and high-quality engagement results in meaningful exchanges and added value.

Our facilitators will provide you with the tools and guidance necessary to develop a roster of your key stakeholders that clearly identifies:

  • Areas of interest 
  • Expectations 
  • Power and influence
  • Communication requirements and preferences
  • Reporting relationships

Our team will help you develop strategies and tactics to engage stakeholders, address any potential or perceived issues, and minimize risk. By working together with your stakeholders, and engaging them at the onset of a sustainability project, you will be able to gain their support and minimize implementation roadblocks.

Sustainability Reports

Sustainability reports are a key platform to transparently and effectively communicate their economic, environmental, social, and management performance.

Sustainability reports present strategy, governance, performance, and prospects, as well as  financial and non-financial key performance indictors to effectively communicate an organization’s story. At Inova we provide full-service activities to  assist you in producing a cohesive report that tells your organization’s story and complies with the reporting protocols being used.

Our team can provide support with the following reporting mechanisms:

  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Reports
  • Sustainability and CSR Reports using Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) protocol
  • Compliance Reporting

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Inova Energy Group’s consultants can help organizations develop and execute strategies to evaluate and manage risks, costs, and opportunities associated with energy, carbon, water, and waste. By developing a holistic strategy that treats resources as strategic assets, our clients can realize important economic savings while hedging against rising energy prices and the potential impacts of carbon regulation.

Energy Optimization

Whether it is electricity, natural gas, or fuel, energy is a critical component of the day-to-day operations of most businesses. Inova helps clients reduce energy consumption as part of adopting more sustainable business practices. We provide an integrated set of business processes, tools, and capabilities to change energy consuming behaviors and reduce energy costs.

We can offer you:

  • Energy Assessments: Our energy engineers can perform energy audits of your facilities to determine opportunities for increasing efficiencies in equipment, operations, and maintenance practices. 
  • Energy Project Development: If you decide to move forward with implementation our team can further help you develop an energy project from concept through deployment and provide support in managing contractors.
  • Renewable Energy: If you are interested in incorporating renewable energy into your portfolio our energy engineers can develop implementation plans and identify funding strategies that fit your energy objectives and portfolio.
  • Project Financing Strategy: Whether it is government funding, utility rebates, or other types of grants and loans, we will assist you by identifying the opportunities that you are eligible for and applying for the financing assistance. 

Water Footprinting

Leading companies evaluate future water needs, risks, and opportunities against water availability and use this information to develop and implement proactive water stewardship programs. At Inova we provide an integrated set of business processes, tools, and capabilities to investigate water use impacts across your value chain while identifying stewardship activities that align with your current and future priorities.

Carbon Footprinting

Stakeholder activism, changing consumer behaviors, and pending government regulations have moved carbon and other greenhouse gas emission management toward the top of many corporate risk management agendas. At Inova, we can help get you started by understanding your current greenhouse gas emissions through the development of a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory that establishes a baseline for tracking emission trends, monitoring the contributions of emission sources, developing mitigation strategies, and assessing progress.

Our consulting team follows internationally accepted protocols in developing carbon inventories and we can provide recommendations of initiatives that will lower your greenhouse gas emissions.

Waste Optimization

A waste audit is an analysis of your building’s waste stream to identify the types of waste materials generated by your office. Using the data collected during a waste audit your organization can identify opportunities for diverting waste from landfills and potentially recognizing additional revenue streams. 

For instance:

  • Recycling and composting can save money through avoided disposal and hauling costs. 
  • Many recyclable items can be sold on the market as a source of revenue.
  • Your waste products may serve as an input stream for a different organization.
  • Opportunities for waste minimization can result in a more efficient use of raw materials and a corresponding cost savings.

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Inova Energy Group can facilitate certification through a certifying body for any of the following systems:

ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems – sets out the criteria for an environmental management system and maps the framework that your organization can follow to set up an effective environmental management system. Benefits of using the ISO 14001 framework can include:

  • Identify cost savings with emphasis on resource, waste, and energy management
  • Improved corporate image
  • Monitor, and control the impact of operations on the environment
  • Ensure legislative awareness and compliance
  • Potentially decrease general liability insurance costs
  • Grow your access to business partners and potential customers

ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management Systems – provides a framework for establishing energy management best practices to help organizations improve their energy efficiency in a logical, controlled, and systematic ways. Benefits of using the ISO 500001 framework can include:

  • Improved operational efficiencies and maintenance practices
  • Energy cost savings 
  • Increased knowledge of equipment efficiencies
  • Reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and carbon footprint
  • Increased energy awareness among staff members
  • Improved corporate image and credibility with stakeholders

ISO 26000:2010 Social Responsibility – provides guidance on how businesses and organizations can operate in a socially responsible way. Although companies cannot be certified under this standard, following the guidance allows companies to operate in a more socially responsible manner. Benefits of using the ISO 26000 framework can include:

  • Enhanced competitive advantage
  • Improved corporate image and credibility with stakeholders
  • Ability to attract and retain workers, members, customers, or clients
  • Maintenance of employee morale, commitment, and productivity


Whether you are looking to pursue a green building certification or just looking to make your building systems, shell, and operations more efficient, our team can provide the support you need. Utilizing processes developed from our experience we can assist you in obtaining a variety of certifications including:

  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)®
  • ENERGY STAR® Rating
  • Green Globes
  • Green Lease

Consulting Services

At Inova we guide our clients through a building certification process by providing the tools and guidance necessary to ensure the process is simple while coordinating with the certifying authority. Our job is to assist you in selecting and developing the most appropriate and cost-effective implementation strategies that will result in the desired level of certification. In addition, we can manage the entire certification process from initial review to compilation of supporting documentation and support through audits conducted by the certifying agency. 

Inova’s team of engineers provide a full suite of technical services to assist building owners and operators understand every aspect of their energy profile and realize improvements in building performance. Whether you need support with energy modeling, building commissioning and re-commissioning, or energy information management, our consultants can provide comprehensive services tailored to your individual needs. 

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A lifecycle assessment consists of the compilation and evaluation of the inputs, outputs, and the potential environmental impacts of a product system throughout its entire life. We take a holistic approach to performing lifecycle assessments by considering the following phases of a product’s lifecycle: 

  • Extraction and treatment of raw materials
  • Educational tools
  • Product manufacturing
  • Transport and distribution
  • Product use
  • End of life

Inova’s consultants provide profiling and modeling services to help companies understand how their product, materials, and systems will perform as well as methods to improve the environmental performance of their products. The assessment can also help analyze product alternatives in the development phase and provide recommendations that are better for the environment. 

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The field is sustainability is constantly evolving with new approaches, technologies, and terminology. At Inova Energy Group we have prepared a series of seminars and courses to help explain this dynamic and complex field in a straightforward way. Our courses can be tailored to executives, staff, or specific operating departments and can further be adapted to include examples and best practices from your specific industry.

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