The project examples below highlight some of Inova’s recent work. If you would like to learn more please contact us.  

Iowa Energy Plan

Client: Iowa Economic Development Authority and Iowa Department of Transportation

Inova Energy Group supported the Iowa Economic Development Authority and the Iowa Department of Transportation in the development of the Iowa Energy Plan. The plan includes 15 objectives and 45 strategies that propose a balanced approach to encourage growth in all of Iowa’s energy sectors while emphasizing sustainable practices, economic development, and the research and development required to keep Iowa on the leading edge of energy innovation.

Inova’s approach to development of the Iowa Energy Plan involved completing an assessment of current and future energy supply and demand, an examination of existing energy policies and programs, and identification of emerging energy challenges and opportunities. In addition, in the spirit of collaboration and inclusiveness, Inova led a comprehensive stakeholder engagement process that included a series of energy forums held throughout the state, establishing a platform for public comments, and facilitating working group discussions focused on the areas of economic development and energy careers, Iowa’s energy resources, transportation and infrastructure, and energy efficiency and conservation with a variety of subtopic focus areas.

To obtain a copy of the Iowa Energy Plan click here.

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Capturing Cultural Diversity in California residential energy use and conservation:


Client: California Energy Commission

Inova Energy Group worked on a market research project, sponsored by the California Energy Commission, that aimed to understand the social, cultural, and behavioral aspects that affect Hispanics’ decisions to purchase energy efficient technologies and the behaviors associated with operating these technologies once installed.

Inova’s project approach applies a combination of research techniques and an analysis of energy usage data to advance the understanding of Hispanic beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions around energy efficiency. The project was designed to develop an energy ethnography of Hispanic households and to provide recommendations that may lead to improved program design, outreach, and engagement.

To obtain a copy of the Study click here.

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Missouri Comprehensive State Energy Plan

Client: Missouri Department of Economic Development

Inova Energy Group was retained by the Missouri Department of Economic Development to develop Missouri’s first Comprehensive State Energy Plan, which was released in October 2015. The Plan charts a course toward a sustainable and prosperous energy future that will create jobs and improves the quality of life for Missourians.

In developing the plan Inova assessed current and future energy supply and demand, compiled a comprehensive policy inventory, analyzed environmental and public health effects, and assessed economic opportunities and impacts. Inova also coordinated a series of public meetings held throughout Missouri, the establishment of a steering committee, and the engagement of over 300 key stakeholders to gather information, solicit feedback, and to better understand needed energy priorities.

As part of Inova’s work, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy featured Missouri’s Comprehensive State Energy Plan development process and lessons learned as a published paper.

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Energy Program Best Practices Training

Client: Energy Resources Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago

The Energy Resources Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago (ERC) hired Inova to conduct a two-day energy program training. By applying Inova’s knowledge and experience gained from designing, administering, and implementing energy programs around the country our team was able to position ERC to achieve increased cost-effective energy savings and improve customer satisfaction metrics in the delivery of their programs in Illinois.

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Board of Directors Training and Program Design

Client: Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation

The Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation (ICECF) hired Inova Energy Group to conduct a training session and facilitated a discussion for its Board of Directors around the future direction of ICECF’s programs. The session provided a status of current trends in the renewable energy sector and an overview of available commercial renewable energy technologies that the ICECF should focus on for their next cycle of programs.

In addition to the workshop, Inova Energy Group assisted ICECF in conducting a review of the organization’s current program design and technology promotion efforts. The objective of the program review was to identify improvement opportunities that would result in better service to program participants, cost-reductions in program administration, and new technologies incentivized through the program. 

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