Inova Energy Group advises utilities, governments, and business clients on the development, interpretation, and implementation of policies, regulations, and legislation. Our experience is rooted in years of experience supporting the public sector in the formulation of energy and environmental policies while also evaluating opportunities and risks for the private sector. Our team has assisted state governments in the development of comprehensive energy plans, reviewed energy codes and zoning ordinances, and implemented energy efficiency and renewable portfolio standards.

Inova works with state and local governments in the development and analysis of existing or new policies and legislation related to energy and the environment.. We also develop long-term strategic planning documents for energy planning, , utility business models, building codes, and compliance pathways for policy and legislative initiatives including US EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

Our approach to policy development and comprehensive planning is one of a collaborative approach in which numerous stakeholders are brought to the discussion table to provide valuable insight and perspectives. It is also designed to be holistic and based on sensitive analysis of best practices within a geographic-specific context.

Inova offers support in:

  • Developing energy supply and demand inventories to characterize all available resources
  • Performing qualitative assessments as they relate to the adequacy and diversity of the ability of supply to meet current and future demand
  • Benchmarking of national best practices
  • Conducting scenario modeling and forecasting
  • Completing assessments of local, state, and federal energy strategies and reviewing their efficacy and impacts to residents and businesses
  • Facilitating goal-setting and strategy development sessions and ranking strategies in terms of their feasibility, impact, and implementation timeframes 

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Inova Energy Group provides support with risk assessment, scenario planning, strategy development, and monitoring to help organizations understand and assess how emerging regulations might affect their business and how to take appropriate action. Our team can also model the impact of these regulations on your business operations and develop strategies to help mitigate any negative impacts while capturing positive opportunities.

After new policies and regulations are in place we can also assist with compliance by providing employee training and developing materials that provide guidance and a framework for meeting regulatory requirements.

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Economic impact assessments can help quantify the economic impacts of existing or proposed policies within a given geography or region. Through the use of sophisticated models, including IMPLAN, REMI and JEDI, Inova can help governments develop a baseline state and then perform scenario modeling that identifies the economic benefits of multiple policy alternatives. In this way, governments can identify the impacts of a policy changes on the residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial sectors in terms of multiple economic indicators including workforce needs, jobs created or retained, retail sales, gross product, and changes in spending patterns.

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At Inova Energy Group we help our clients identify, prioritize, and strategically engage internal and external stakeholders. We believe that organizations and governments that adopt a strategic approach in stakeholder relationships gain legitimacy, credibility, and trust. Our proven approach to stakeholder engagement results in effective, meaningful, and high-quality exchanges that provide added value.

With a highly collaborative approach we work with interested stakeholders and government agencies to explore different points of view. Our team can provide assistance with:

  • Inter-agency coordination and engagement
  • Organization and facilitation of public meetings and forums
  • Establishment and management of working groups with the assistance of a dedicated online platform for collaboration
  • Establishment and facilitation of steering committee meetings
  • Conducting public outreach and education

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