Iowa's new energy plan: More renewable energy, stronger power grid

(December 21, 2016) – The state released a broad report Wednesday looking at Iowa's energy needs over the next decade, with 45 recommendations that range from modernizing the state's electric power grid to improving state tax credits for solar energy.

Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds and Debi Durham, Iowa's economic development leader, said energy is key to economic development and job creation across the state.

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Iowa Energy Plan envisions new energy technologies as central to state’s economY

(December 21, 2016) – An Iowa energy plan made public today envisions an economy driven by energy research and production, along with the adoption of new technologies in transportation and building operation.

To capitalize on the rapid changes in the energy arena, the report stresses the need to provide an appropriately-trained workforce as well as financing – especially for people who have not been able to access new energy options, energy-efficiency improvements in particular.

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State officials propose comprehensive energy plan for Missouri

(October 8, 2015) – Missouri's Department of Economic Development has unveiled 17 recommendations for how Missouri should use and conserve energy.

The recommendations are the end result of an executive order Gov. Jay Nixon issued last year that was intended to "chart a road map toward a more prosperous, secure and sustainable energy future."

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Missouri plan pushes for efficiency, higher renewable standard

(October 7, 2015) – A state energy plan made public on Wednesday recommends a wide range of modifications to Missouri's current energy policies, and takes aim at reducing energy use through measures such as mandating utility efficiency programs and adopting a statewide building energy code.

The plan, issued by the state's Division of Energy, comes a day after Iowa's state government announced that it intends to draft its first-ever energy plan. A co-chairman of the undertaking said he hopes the exercise will put a focus on reducing energy consumption in a state that already has made major inroads into producing renewable energy and fuels.

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Division of Energy sets recommendations for Comprehensive Energy Plan

St. Louis, MO (October 7, 2015) – The Missouri Department of Economic Development’s Department of Energy released recommendations for a statewide comprehensive energy plan Wednesday at a conference in St. Louis.

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Iowa creating state energy plan that may focus on efficiency

(October 7, 2015) - As Iowa embarks on crafting its first-ever state energy plan, one of the leaders in the effort said he hopes the exercise will put a spotlight on the question of consumption.

“I think the focus has been on supply,” said Pat Meyer, who along with Iowa Lt-Gov. Kim Reynolds is co-chairing the process. “I'm trying to raise awareness on the demand side.”

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(October 6, 2015) - Inova Energy Group and Battelle Memorial Institute were selected to conduct a study that will inform the state's new energy plan, Gov. Terry Branstad said in a statement. Twelve companies had replied to a request for qualifications. 

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New State Plan Aims To Put Iowa on the Cutting Edge of Energy Policy

Pella, IA (October 6, 2015)  Iowa is no stranger to energy production."We have a dynamic workforce but our low cost of energy is another reason we stay competitive in the state of Iowa." 

But Tuesday's announcement at Pella Corporation was a new step in energy policy. Debi Durham, Director of the Iowa Economic Development Authority, said, "Ensuring that our state remains in a leadership position in national energy market is vital for the future growth of our state."

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Iowa Energy Plan to be crafted by late 2016

Des Moines, IA (October 6, 2015) – State officials have begun crafting a statewide energy plan to meet Iowa’s future needs.

Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds announced Tuesday that the Iowa Energy Plan initiative will look to set state priorities and provide statewide strategic guidance to assess current and future energy supplies and demand, examine energy policies and programs, and identify emerging challenges and opportunities.

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Jefferson City, MO (September 30, 2014) – Inova Energy Group, a Midwestern-based energy and sustainability consulting firm, has been awarded a contract with the Missouri Department of Economic Development’s Division of Energy to help develop a Comprehensive Statewide Energy Plan for the state of Missouri.

The Statewide Energy Plan will be developed under the directive of Missouri Governor Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon’s Executive Order 14-06 and will identify and recommend policies to meet Missouri’s short-term and long-term needs for clean, reliable, affordable, and abundant energy. Specifically, the Energy Plan will recommend policies that encourage efficient use of energy in all sectors of the economy, spur job creation and economic growth, and promote development, security, and affordability of diverse energy sources.

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