Inova partners with municipal and state government agencies to provide support and advise on a wide-range of services related to energy and sustainability. We recognize that creating sustainable communities requires cooperation and a commitment from government as well as individuals and organizations.

Whether you represent a government interested in learning more about sustainability and identifying initiatives to implement in your community, or if you are looking for expert advise around energy and sustainability policy, Inova provides a wealth of services to meet your needs. 

Some of our services include:


Policy Consulting

We provide our clients with full regulatory support via in-depth market analyses, reporting, tariff analysis, in-person engagements, and expert testimony. Our team can incorporate each client’s regulatory requirements into prescriptive compliance protocols ensuring all guidelines and legislative requirements are met with full transparency.


Stakeholder Engagement

We help governments identify, prioritize, and strategically engage key actors within the community.


Carbon Services

Whether you are looking to develop a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory, or looking for support with U.S. EPA’s 111(d) rule, we offer services to assist you in your initiatives.


Workshops and Training

We conduct seminars and workshops for executives and staff to explain the sustainability field in a straightforward manner. Our training sessions can be adapted to your organization needs, ranging from specific topics to broader issues.


Sustainability Strategy

We help governments create sustainability strategies from initial diagnostics to practical implementation.